Idols, can they be from our Present Life Situations?

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My Idol Is My Boss.

Why my Boss is My Idol.
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Reason my Boss is my Idol.

“Be the Change You want to see in the World”, a famous quote of Mahatma Mohandas Gandhi, the Idol of All.

About the Company I work In.

The driving factor of my inner passion to become an entrepreneur is my current employer, Ms. R. R. Joshi (F and L Name Changed). She is the co-founder of Systems and Solutions (Name changed and replaced by a generalized term).

My Relation with the company.

Prior to joining full time at her company and prior to going to States for my education; I interned at her firm. As a result of this summer internship, I realized how much change can one person bring to a whole industry by sticking to the rule book.

Ms. R Joshi is the first, to bring Live Demo to the industry of Security and Surveillance in Mumbai (in the year 2006). Her company has always worked on the bases of Maximum Advance Payment (Max adv. Pay). Most notably, they received payments by banking mode only.

Because of their going-by-the books rule, led to many of her company’s customer to go to the other companies in the market who would give them maximum credit. And make for them Unnamed or off-the-books Sales Receipts.

Following the Rule Book.

Most noteworthily Ms. Joshi and her partner stuck to their guns. Further more as the time went by her company grew. But many of her competitors had to shut and re-open with newer brands. Due to their business models and under-the-table work.

Benefits of Doing The Right Thing.

What Ms. Joshi could provide to their customers was no-questions asked customer service. In contrast her competitors who were selling the product below the Market Operating Price (MOP) often found themselves unable to provide these service. As a result Systems and Solutions reaped the dividend of being an honest company.

Not only the customers of the other companies have to go to Systems and Solutions for services. Thus ending up paying extra for servicing of the products. Consequently these customers ended up converting to System and Solution’s Customers.

Ms. Joshi is Many People’s Idol.

Customer satisfaction of this company is still the highest in Mumbai. Therefore several Surveillance companies have launched their products under System and Solutions banner in Mumbai. Many young girls and women studying business management who know her and her business, consider Ms. Joshi and Idol.

She is my idol too. Even more, what I am able to learn from Ms. Joshi is that, not only is it important to be successful honestly.  it is also essential, to aim for the long term gains. And to treat customers as one would treat themselves.

Conclusion to why my Boss is My Idol.

This consumer-centric approach which benefits all, the business, the suppliers and the consumers can be seen lacking in several of India’s Private and Public sector companies.

My experience working under Ms. Joshi inspires me to become an entrepreneur. Because I want to change the attitude of the corporates and businesses. Certainly not just in India but around the Globe.

Finally to conclude the essay I would like to leave you with what Ms. R Joshi often states that, India being an upcoming economy can be the role model to the world. Above all, India having a billion consumers can be the most efficient and successful economy in the whole World.

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