Income Disparity in the Technology Era.

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Income Disparity in Modern Era

Globally, the income gap is increasing exponentially as the shifting market trends and slower cash flow hurts the income circulation.

The State of Income in The Tech. Era

By the Year 2015, on an average a new billionaire was created about every two days. Whilst the wealth distribution suffers due to economic changes made by several countries.

Income disparity chart sourced from the data by Wall Street Journal
Source: | The Growing Wealth Gap

‘It is up to the person to hold on to wealth or throw it on as rubbish’. Call it being Selfish, Respecting money or being Greedy, once men adorn wealth it is hard for them to leave it lose.
Wealth and Power have always been centralized.

Why is wealth and power centralized?

There are many reasons for that, one of them being that the ones in power or the ones in possession of the wealth do not want those who lack power or wealth to possess it.

The other reason that the rich often state is that the Rich know how to maintain their wealth. And the Poor do not.

It is proven that there are careless individuals in every realm of classes who irresponsibly use their wealth and splurge it. Whilst ending up losing everything in the end. Although one can not say the same for all the people.

So where is the money of the lower-income individuals who are properly managing their financials leaking off too?

The Culprit of Income Disparity:

Pic sourced from The Japan Times. | this pic is a very good depiction of the current state of Income Disparity.

I blame the modern industrial market for it. The current education system is and the industrial establishment has been built to further enable the already enlarging wealth gap.

Education system an enabler or disabling agent?

The modern education system has been built to facilitate a production house of a work force that can merely look at the future in hope of a job.

Thus almost at an early stage the education system eliminates any competition to the already wealthy industrialists.

How did the age of technology fail us?

Technology for a while brought about a period of hope, wealth became accessible to those who are talented and innovative. A lesson learnt, Inventing something new in the world of technology brings wealth.

But as the power consolidates in this industry too, all hopes of equality is being squashed.

One can easily notice that the educational system now adapted and changed its curriculum to meet the needs of so called ‘Tech Giants.’

Those who are still becoming millionaires and billionaires in the tech. field with the help of rich investors often abuse their power to automate or replace the human-jobs.

And the jobs meant for current students are receiving large number of aspirants graduating from educational institutes. Thus making job marketplace competitive and eventually bringing down the salaries for high rated jobs.

Where is the wealth of common-man leaking from?

In this race to become an Industrialist Society, the cost of basic commodities like food, water and shelter shot through the rood.

So, this is the reason behind the money leak that low-income or middle-class households in India face.

The distribution and ownership of this commodities is increasingly concentrating under the industrial ownership of the wealthy Indians. Thus the money that leaks from the less-income households flows back to the Wealthy.

Thus the whole cycle has been established to facilitate Wealth Disparity.

Solution for India

India has been an agricultural power house and this picture from John Deere India shows how it is the asset India should cherish.
The picture is source: John Deere India website. | The picture depicts India’s power in the Agricultural Field.

What we as a country have lost the sight of is the actual abundance and skilled resource that we have. The resource which is now becoming scarce and costlier around the world. And that resource is farmland and cattle.

If we can somehow focus on Large Scale Sustainable agriculture, dairy and cattle farming. We can meet not only domestic but also international needs of agricultural and forest commodities.

We often aim at developing the cities and metros. But focusing on the rural areas and improving the agricultural infrastructure will not only give our country an absolute head start in a niche that the whole world is ignoring. But we can also be the monopoly in agricultural industry as we were in pre British-Raj era.

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