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Adding Progressive Web App to Your Android Home Screen.

Get an app like experience in our website by adding the home page at to your home screen.

Adding A Website To Your Android Home Screen Is A Very Simple Procedure.

Learn What are Progressive Web Apps Here.

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Adding our website to your home screen to experience the PWA

1: Open in your phone browser or any browser installed on your Android Device.

Instruction 1 to download or add Progressive Web app to your android phone
Open in your browser on your smartphone

2: Tap on the Menu button, The Three dots on the top right corner of your browser as shown in the picture.

The menu icon on an android phone browser. Google menu icon.
Tap On the Three Vertical dots.

3: Tap the “Add to Home Screen” and go back to your home screen.

This picture instructs on clicking the add to home screen link.
Click on “Add to Home Screen”

4: You can see that logo now appears in your app drawer and home screen.

What are the benefits of the App like experience on your phone.

unlike your normal browsing session, our Progressive Web App adds cache to your phone to ensure even when you are offline, the pages and posts you have visited previously can be opened in our PWA.

The browsing experience is also very much App Like. With the typical full screen display of a mobile application. Basically our Progressive Web App is almost a full fledged app without taking any toll on your phone’s memory.