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Adding Progressive Web App to Your iOS Home Screen.

Get an experience of an App and be browsing the website right on your iPhone, iPad and other Apple Device home screen.

This is a depiction of Add to Home Screen and share buttons which enable adding of mihirs PWA to your smartphone home screen
add to Android/iOS smartphone home screen

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Adding Mihirs Progressive Web App (PWA) to your iOS home screen.

1: Open in your browser (any browser installed on your iOS phone)

Your first step is to visit

2: Step two is to click on the share button located at the bottom (bottom-mid) of the browser screen shown as :

Share button opens up several tools and sharing options for you
share button is at the middle bottom of the browser screen.

pic sourced from

Share button in the iOS browser can also be utilized to access several media sharing options and other options.

3: In the third step locate the Add to Home Screen button from the various options in the lower media options panel. See inset for the location of Add to home screen button.

Instruction 2 to click on the "Add to Home Screen button"
Tap on the “Add to Home Screen button”

And Voila, exit your browser and check for mihirs logo.

4: Tap on the Add to Home Screen button. And go back to your home screen. Soon the icon to our PWA will be shown on your homescreen.

This picture shows how the progressive web app icon appears on the home screen of smart phone
Mihirs PWA on your home screen

These are the icons that may appear when you add pages to your home page.

5: You can use the same method to add Mihirs to your home screen on any iOS (Apple) device running iOS version 10.1 or later.

6: Add any page and website associated with in this manner to access it directly from your home screen. Although, only home page i.e. is a true Progressive Web App and rest of the web pages like and are fluid/html 5 Responsive web pages.

Note: PWA works only with iOS 10.1 and higher versions. But You can still access the website using the shortcut created on your home screen on the previous versions of iOS.