Backup Re-store WordPress website

Recently went through a massive overhaul. This means that our blog, built on Word Press has to be backed up and re-stored. Thus to do so, we have tested and used several plugins. And tools to accomplish the gigantic task of backup and re-store efficiently. Backup My Word Press Blog and Website for […]

the Gutenberg Editor for WordPress

The goal of this new Gutenberg editor is to make adding rich content to WordPress simple and enjoyable. This whole post is composed of pieces of content—somewhat similar to LEGO bricks—that you can move around and interact with. Move your cursor around and you’ll notice the different blocks light up with outlines and arrows. Press […]

Income Disparity in the Technology Era.

Turn On AMP Turn Off AMP Income Disparity in Modern Era Globally, the income gap is increasing exponentially as the shifting market trends and slower cash flow hurts the income circulation. The State of Income in The Tech. Era By the Year 2015, on an average a new billionaire was created about every two days. […]

Idols, can they be from our Present Life Situations?

Turn On AMP Turn Off AMP My Idol Is My Boss. Pic. Sourced From Reason my Boss is my Idol. “Be the Change You want to see in the World”, a famous quote of Mahatma Mohandas Gandhi, the Idol of All. About the Company I work In. The driving factor of my inner passion […]

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP). AMP Vs PWA

Turn On AMP Turn Off AMP Source: Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP). One can Define Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) as script developed on open source platform (by Google). Thus this script enables a page or a version of the page from the website to load its content as quickly as possible on mobile devices. (To […]

Free XML Sitemap Creator

T Turn Off AMP The most reliable free Xml Sitemap Creator. Every website and every web developer needs to create a site-map. We bring to you a reliable xml sitemap creator that we use for A recommended web-tool for Web developers. A free web service XML Sitemap Creator. Submitting xml Sitemap to a […]

OYO Rooms Deal

Turn On AMP Turn Off AMP Hello Viewers, Your free OYO Rooms deal is here. Our partnership with OYO rooms Campus crew. Yesterday we met with a OYO rooms campus crew member. Campus Crew individuals are students who are interning part-time with OYO rooms. And their task is to promoting and selling OYO rooms deal […]

Free Web Hosting

Turn On AMP Turn Off AMP Free Web Hosting By Hostinger’s Sister Concern, 000webhost. Why Hostinger I currently host my website with a prominent internet service provider for $99 per year. And prior to this my website host provider was Hostinger. I used Hostinger’s free hosting service which they have now terminated. Recently I was […]

“Free Press” an Urban Myth?

Turn On AMP Turn Off AMP Is the term ‘Free Press’ a Reality in modern times? pic sourced from When we normally hear the term “free press” we immediately think of the Western countries with democratic authority. Today we hear the term ‘fake news’ a lot. In-fact it has been popularized by a President […]

Google Plus, the New must have platform for SEO.

Turn On AMP Turn Off AMP Social Media Platforms are essential for SEO. Google Plus is a platform that many do not give much attention to. But it is a critical part of SEO and SMO. Also, this platform effects ranking of your website. Learn WHYs and HOWs as we build our own presence on […]