IRL Podcast by Mozilla org.

Voiced by Amazon Polly

Our Favorite ‘IOT’ Podcast.

There are many blogs and podcasts online that deal with IOT (Internet of Things). But they also cover anything and everything on the World Wide Web.

Podcast by Mozilla

None of these are as precise, elaborate and exciting as IRL podcast by the Mozilla org. The awesome people behind the Firefox web browser comprehensively cover all the sensitive topics.

Topics They Cover:

Be it the data collection by the most prominent search engines or the topic of free speech online.Accessibility: They also post transcript for you to read if you prefer it over listening.

The team working on the IRL ensures they cover all the details of the topic. Thus providing brief view of the issue and the solution or the conclusion for the same.

To Follow Them:

Also follow them, online and never miss their latest episode.

Click on IRL to visit the IRL website.

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