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Hello Viewers, Your free OYO Rooms deal is here.

Our partnership with OYO rooms Campus crew.

Yesterday we met with a OYO rooms campus crew member. Campus Crew individuals are students who are interning part-time with OYO rooms. And their task is to promoting and selling OYO rooms deal and services on their campus. And also to their contacts.We are very pleased to come to an agreement with the campus crew. And the OYO rooms deal for this month is that; We promote her OYO rooms coupon code. Thus in return, we get referral points. This points can be used towards discounts for room bookings.We get discounts, you get discounts and the crew gets referral points Win-Win for all!

Click on this link to receive amazing extra deals when you download OYO room App:

I recommend you use the OYO app for hassle-free stays at affordable prices. Download http://share.oyorooms.com/MIHIUYLD7 and get (INR) ₹1000 OYO Money. Use code: MIHIUYLD7 while registering in the app or website for the first time. Also while booking avail extra discount by using OYON30.

If you are an existing user your OYO rooms deal is:

Use the coupon code OYON30.

A short description of the OYO Rooms, sourced from OYO Rooms website :

Our goal is to change the way people stay away from home

We are India’s largest hotel network spread across 182 cities with 6500+ hotels offering standardized and hassle-free stay experiences at an unmatched price.


OYO Rooms promises to provide the same amenities and the same awesome experience across all its rooms.


OYO offers rooms at prices that no other player in the budget segment offers today.

Technology Driven

The most advanced hospitality tech takes shape here. We introduced pioneering technology to the hospitality industry to deliver better and more efficient operations, management, service and CRM. Our app allows a user to book a room in just 3 taps, or within 5 seconds.

From a single hotel in May 2013 to over 6500+ hotels at present, ours has been an exciting journey. Our aim is to become the world’s most loved hotel brand.

Note: This is not an affiliated marketing post. But we will get 200 OYO money for every download.
For every booking we do for ourselves through app,
we can use only 5% of the OYO money and maximum discount up to only 1000 OYO money.

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