Progressive Web Apps

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The age of Progressive Web App

We Live in an age and an era wherein everything is going app based. But everyone does not have the resource to go from Brick and Mortar to UI and VR. Now we have entered the age of the Progressive Web Apps.

Progressive web apps are the future of websites.

What are Progressive Web Apps (PWAs)?

I will let the Pros explain you everything here ♠. The developers should absolutely visit :

How do PWAs concern me?

If you are just another business owner with no website than it is time to make a website with the basic Progressive Web App code structure built right from the scratch. And if you are business owner with a website or even an app; Than you absolutely need to look into PWA. Because not only does it give you a long haul edge over others in regards to better search engine ranking. But it also helps in systematic UI designing, bringing simplicity to your website and making the website extremely mobile platform optimized. And one can now notice the benefits for going full blown Progressive Web APP across all platforms.

Google is spearheading the PWA project with Microsoft just behind it. Google has already tweaked its preferences. That is to include the Accelerated Mobile Pages Project (AMP) and Progressive Web App (PWA) enabled websites as better alternatives. Rather than the websites that do not feature PWA and AMP.

And Microsoft is also a big promotor of PWAs and it has even started adding prominent Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) as Microsoft store apps.

Since the launch of iOS 10.2 apple also supports PWA with its Safari Browser on iPhones.

Integrating PWAs is not only Easy but also Feasible If you are already using a CMS. Than there are free and very high-end plugins with customizations already available.

Whilst if you are a developer and want to code the PWA structure with and for the website than Google and Mozilla have great tutorials. More so they also provide several packages (Please forgive me for not knowing technical terms) and JS scripts so that the developer need not code a lot of time consuming PWA elements.


We now know that the rule has been set. The future of everything on the internet is “mobile” oriented. So why wait? A really reliable and affordable way to make your website accessible to all is Progressive Web Apps (PWAs). And better be one of the firsts to implement it rather then being the last sheep in the herd.

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