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About Me and My Cooks Theory

In this Post I will be giving you a slight insight into myself (TAOH) and my Theory of too Many Cooks Not spoiling the broth.

I am the primary author of several blog posts on this website. I strongly believe that more the number of people working on a task with due process. The better is the outcome of task.

Source: kabinata.com | Too many Cooks May Not Spoil The Broth

About The Author: TAOH

One word that can describe me precisely is Restless. Also, my mind is always in the state of constant thought process. Thus often times, people have to remind that I need to stop and rest my mind for a while.

Unlike many people who see a problem and try to solve it, I see a solution and try to improve it. I am also the one who does not easily admit defeat. You may call it persistence or my ego.

My friends and my parents tell me I should become a lawyer because no matter what the case is, the opposing counsel would give up just by noticing my arrogant pitch to the audience (or judge in this matter).

The Cooks Theory

Too many cooks spoil the broth is how the saying goes, I say brainstorm with the cooks. And then give these cooks a leader, a task (to set a process and hierarchy), thus these “too many” cooks will make a great broth.

Now I know what I say does not make up for a great proverb or a quote either but we need to realize that India has too many cooks (our working age population) and not letting them work on the same broth (job/task) is not the solution.

Try to understand know what these cooks do the best, give them a leader to lead them. Accordingly improve their ability in the task they do the best. Design a process to enable them to efficiently complete the task. And voila you have the best skill-force out there.

How does this matter to us?

So where does all this leads to? It leads to what matters to me the most, and that is my fellow Citizens. My fellow citizens matter to me the most because these are the people I want to serve (as an entrepreneur) and as we all know “Treat Your Customers as kings.”

To be a successful entrepreneur you need to have consumers who can afford to consume your product. And to be an accomplished entrepreneur, one needs to have participated in giving the power of buying and consumption to their consumers.


Thus I can now conclude that I am a restless, always in the mood for innovation. And to add to it I am an entrepreneurial spirited individual. One who Loves his country and strongly believes that, with just enough dedication and open mindedness our Assets can be improved into becoming a tool to build an amazingly successful hybrid (capitalist and socialist) Economy.

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