The New Look

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Not so fancy, not so simple, a classic website.

Why change the look?

The world wide web is changing. Getting more mobile friendly and eliminating those websites that do not serve the needs of the consumers and the speed of the internet.

Our new website is void of unwanted data cloggers, and your download speed breakers. Soon you will be able to see the difference in the speed of how fast can you browse. We are working on revamping our landing page and working on overall UI of the

What can you expect.

In the new designs, we will be adding some more explanatory videos of what our website is, what we work on and what we want to serve you with. This video will mostly appear in our landing page. UI between most of our web pages. If you have been on our admin page you must have realized how similar the UI of the page is to our

We are trying to work the same magic with our landing page and rest of our web elements.

We now have light mode instead of the dark mode on our website. Initially it was possible to toggle between watching the already AMP powered and its dark AMP mode. Now there is by default just one mode. This will ensure continuity for PWA users.

We will be updating this post as many times as possible as we bring several exciting changes to

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