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The Inconvenience

Our website being offline caused inconvenience to our visitors.
Inconvenience caused by our web-site being offline.

This week Mihirs.com remained offline. Thus causing some inconvenience for our visitors. We informed all our subscribers  in advance regarding the situation. To make the changes, our websites remained offline for a week.

Eventually as informed in our notices, mihirs.com and related websites were inaccessible from 18th of August to 25th of August. (Note: Our Blog Posts will start again from 6th of September 2018.)

Although, some of our uninformed visitors have rightfully let us know how it effected them. We truly, from deep within our hearts, apologize for what has happened.

Why this inconvenience

If you are our current subscriber, you already know why. To all our other readers, following are the reasons why mihirs.com was offline for a week.

The perfect Website for You
mihirs is now 5x faster and 10x more secure.

We have shut and/or have relaunched some of our web-pages. the current home page and admin pages are new versions. Compliant of new privacy policies in and around the world.

The Good News

We have secured our websites with much more faster. Also with better secure servers. And we are now armed with Advanced SSL Certificates. Overall the upgrade makes our servers total of 15 times awesome now.

Happy is our audience, happy we are.
Concluding on the positive Note

We would like to Thank You and our team for constant support and motivation. We hope to start posting again soon. Cya.

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